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KAP Kite Aerial Photography Cees Kuppens Netherlands

This unit will be hung in the line of the kite. Downstairs I can see on a screen or video goggles where I aimed my camera on. The electronic circuits for control, protection and logic, his own design.

The weight of the device is about 750 grams. In comparison, my first fully remote controlled aerial device weighed about 3.5 kg. The previous version weighed 1400 grams.

At the rear is the housing containing housed batteries, security, and control logic.

The whole photography device can rotate endlessly.

The frame in which the camera is mounted, it can tilt 90 degrees. All beeps which gives the camera to focus and set the exposure and the operation of the shutter are passed to me by a microphone via the receiver.

The dimensions of the equipment is measured without the legs and connecting the picavetophanging; height 12 cm, width 11 cm, depth 11 cm.

All the wires are eliminated, there is hardly see wiring. The present apparatus is constructed between January 2011 and April 2011.

This equipment is a completely portable device with storage box for the aerial device and accessories, such as gloves, batteries, radios, compass, battery chargers etc.

This device also works already nine years without any problems but will soon be working on a new remote that is small compact and more mobile.

- 40 MHz antenne.- Folding Collapsible sun protection.- support bracket.- valve for service purposes ventilation hole.- Removable antenna support.- 2.4GHz antenna = (small blue box).- protection barrier for vulnerable 2.4GHz antenna.- Fan = forced cooling voltage regulator and RF amplifier.- Storage for aerial device and attachments.- Ground Capacity = wires to antennepot. (Antenna technique) - Connection to video glasses or recorder.

Specifications ground station: Height: 90cm, width cabinet: 22 cm Depth: 47 cm. 14 cm TFT monitor screen, which is powered by a 12 volt 14 AH loodaccu.Antenne:. Rod antenna with ground capacity for better reflection of the RF signal | Remote Control 40MHz 4 can. brand Technicolor Plus 4. (Conrad electronics). On the antenna output is a resonant circuit applied with a tap at 75 ohms, in order to make the signal suitable for transport via coaxial cable.

40 MHz RF amplifier

Receiver 2.4GHz with video and audio.

Fan for. forced cooling of display and RF amplifier.