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KAP Kite Aerial Photography Cees Kuppens Netherlands

A little dreaming I was kiting and I played with the thought, 'What if I was that kite, what would I all see? ". I designed a kind of messenger, which a camera was attached. The date of my first experiment was on March 11, 1995.

From making kites to take aerial photos with a kite.

The messenger was driven upwards by the wind on the kite string. Very spectacular to see, at the top of the shutter of the camera was operated and the sail snapped shut. So every time the messenger came fluttering down.

Although it was very cool, the results were not very good. Becoming much grass in the picture! So I thought it could do better and came entirely with the first electronic design with video camera and transmitter. The weight was first over 3 Kg, No problem, this kite I used was a double para sled 3x5 meters and that could be that.

Here you can see how big this thing was. Therefore it was very heavy and fragile. But it worked and it took me almost nothing, because it was entirely built from scrap materials. Small detail: the motor for the elevation is a grill motor.

 This was in 1996.

To operate the equipment I used a single TV, a box and a camping antenna for remote antenna. It sometimes happened that I forgot to bring a cable. Well, and then nothing works there. and I could go home empty-handed again.

So I strove to build as much as possible in a closet, so I do not know what soon would forget to take along.

On the left photo shows the 3rd version. At first I used a heavy camera (a Zenith), the shutter was operated by a mechanism integrated as shown in the top photo, later it was replaced by a Konica compact camera and the camera shutter was controlled electronically.

After this one was better and also much lighter version built. (photo left) where I was still using a home-built UHF transmitter for video signal. However, this was much more compact and powerful. The NiCd were replaced by smaller and more powerful types, thanks to the advent of the NiMH cells. This was a big improvement, I could now with a smaller kite to work.

At the 5th version (right) I started using the semi picavetophanging and a 2.4GHz transmitter for transmission of the video signal. Despite the good performance and low weight have I this unit scrapped after two years. The digital camera was coming and that required a completely different design.

Version No. 6 is the first with a digital camera with 5.1 Megapixels. I have it built in late 2004 and in February 2005, I have the first digital aerial photos made it. Now the camera could also rotate endlessly and I could zoom. Version 6 has, without ever having been abandoned, served until 2010. In the meantime, so completely demolished.

Step by step, the equipment is getting better and more sophisticated. Each also comes with more functions such as the ability to create panoramic photos. Right pictured version 7 The dimensions are 11 x 11 x 12 cm. The end of 2014 as the newest version 8 has proven itself, version 7 is going for an upgrade.

Fortunately I do not have to work, so I have time to deal with the equipment once sharply. At present (2014) goes on the ground shovel. Everything will be demolished and a completely new design is built. Everything is light weight and compact and very transportable. Once everything works, version 8 will be added to the website.