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KAP Kite Aerial Photography Cees Kuppens Netherlands

I do all kinds of craft work at my garret, especially electronics.

 I have a lot of measurement equipment, mainly in autumn and winter months you can find me here. This is the place where I construct my photo equipment for the aerial photography. Every year I build new, or do modifications at my KAP equipment. At this moment I work at new version 8, this version is equipped with a gimbal stabilisation.

 I have a lot of interests, making music, electronics, metalworking, woodworking, kiting, crafts, aerial photography.

Sometimes I make music with the Achterhoeks Bachchoir and orchestra. I am also the webmaster of this choir and orchestra.


Metalworking takes place in my shed. The latest acquisition is a lathe. Now I can easily make my own mechanical  parts.


I also like woodworking, I have made several furniture pieces in my house.

Occasionally, it is sometimes necessary to do what coarser Metalworking. The electric welding is also part of it.


I have a lot of self made kites. This are only one line kites.  I like to decorate my kite lines with so called laundry.

 *Kie Aerial Photography:

Although the aerial photography is only part of the kite hobby, is this is the main issues of this site.

My favorite hobby is "Enjoying life" and if you see here this picture, that's lovely ......

Picture taken during my holiday on Texel, kite flying amidst the cows on farm campsite 'de Vrije vogel'

Metal and woodworking, the “dirty hands” work I do in my shed, also the etching of my electronic circutboards.

I usually never build equipment for other people, but only for Dani I made an exception.

Dani has a muscle disease, his hobby is airplane spotting. It is impossible for him to hold a camera in his hands, in 2012 I’ve build a remote controlled camera on his wheelchair. Now Dani can make his own photographs during airplane spotting.

I made a website about this project I named it the DiniCam project, it took 11 months to buid it.  This project I finished with a sightseeing at KLM Air France engineering and maintenance at Schiphol, Amsterdam airport, where this photo is made.

Click on this photograph to go to another website about the  DaniCam project.

Something very different is making birthday cakes and making Sushi (For Christmas).

After attending a few workshops, it is now an annual tradition.

I also sometimes make a wedding photography.

I have 4 sewing machines. I have 4 sewing machines, an ordinary sewing machine, a computer-controlled sewing machines, industrial sewing machine and a serger.