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My double para sled 3x5 meters I often used to lift up my first photographic device. The first devices weighed about 3.5 kg.

My Youngest daughter Claudia with girlfriend posing at my snowflake. This was in 1993.  --->

My multivin- kite was the first kite that I made pictures. the dimensions are 3 x 2 meters. He still makes regular flight hours. It dates from 1994 and has been pretty to fly. Next year I make flags of.....--->

<- My big turbine is 20 meters long, a fun toy for kids.

(and of course for me.)

As line decoration I made a centipede. It consists of more than 1,200 five and six-sided figures, is 20 yards long and there is 34 m2 substance processed. Actually he was 19 yards, but such a thing should still have a genital, right ?.

After 3 months, almost every day a few hours of sewing and cutting, and one day I worked 24 hours together at the sewing machine, he was ready.

This figure I pulled all its first flight the newspaper. My oldest daughter called him Jan Hendrik. And so he was immediately given a name. During his first flight he disrupted quite classes at an elementary school. However, the teachers could appreciate it. --->

Marjolein is totally in love with the bat, against the evening I let him fly sometimes at the campsite during my holyday. The oscillating of the wings is surprising to many campers.

Thee Dopero with logo’s of my village

A colorful kite train is also in my range.

Fortunately, there was almost no wind, otherwise I was blown away. This double para sled is 7.5 x 4.5 meters. This is only a brute. The cap I brought what I had from Afghanistan. When this picture was taken, I was just on leave for 10 days in the Netherlands during my broadcast of a half year to Afghanistan. (from February 1 / m August 11, 2003) Location: minicamping the Mebel, De Heurne, June 2003.

This kite is the Circo flex, the substance is a track of 10 meters in length and 65 cm wide. the circle has a diameter of 3.2 meters.

←AMM kite. AMM stands for Recovery Detachment Artillery Measuring instruments. We did maintenance on the weapon location radar and weather stations for the artillery.

  This kite I did present at the departure of a colleague in 2012.

←The flowform 2,5 x 2 meter.

Coming years, I'm going to make this type of a few because it flies just fine.

One of my hang-gliders is 6 meters wide and floats gracefully through the air.

One of my grandsons is “helping” me in launching the kite.

The latest addition is a Sanjo, entirely white. The size is 2.6 meters high and 2 meters wide. Prima to lift a camera