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24 April 2012 had ik een interview met TV Gelderland voor het programma “Gelderse koppen”.

Texel Weekeinde uitgave 2 augustus 2013

Wat de kranten schreven

During my holidays on the island of Texel, I always go every Tuesday evening at the kite evening at beach post 9.

Karim Ali, the organizer and owner of the kite shop in Den Burg, enter those evenings when called 'kite doctor' anyone having trouble with a steerable kite is helped by him upon instruction or with the adjustment. He is therefore assisted by a number of helpers.


Then there are a number of people, including me, that large or special one line kites set to air to entertain the audience.

Still a bit of advertising, if you want to buy a good kite safely go to Karim in den Burg, here you get good advice. Karim also makes itself steerable kites, I've seen good, very good quality.!.

Januari 2012 MIJN Magazine:

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